Ecommerce Expertise

“Ecommerce” is more than a shopping cart. It’s the sum total of all the components that go into creating a successful online sales system.

Here are a few:

  • All of the techniques that get your customer to your site
  • All of the techniques and technologies that go into enticing your customer to buy
  • The technology that enables your customer to complete a secure online transaction
  • The follow-up that generates a receipt to your customer and order information to your fulfillment center
  • The ability to create promo codes when you need to boost sales
  • Managing cart abandonment with remarketing/retargeting
  • Encouraging and managing customer reviews
  • Loyalty programs and referrals
  • Affiliate program management.
  • We work with you, either in a hands-on or advisory capacity, to make sure that you are our employing all of the techniques and technologies needed to make your e-commerce business a success.

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